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Harteraad Monitor 2022

When the coronavirus broke out in the early 2020s, the world was turned upside down. Especially for the vulnerable groups within our society, such as people with cardiovascular disease, it was an exciting and uncertain time.

But how are they doing 2 years later? What did they, as a cardiovascular patient, run into in the recent period? Were these people more anxious? Did they have more difficulty living a healthy life? Or did they actually start living healthier? How did cardiovascular patients feel when appointments with health care providers did not take place? Or took place digitally?

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Harteraad has published an exclusive trend report, The Harteraad Monitor 2022: Where do people with cardiovascular disease stand after the corona period? This digital publication offers insights, experiences and figures about people with cardiovascular disease.

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About Harteraad

Harteraad is the expertise center for living with cardiovascular disease. We help people with cardiovascular disease and those close to them with practical, social and emotional support.
From the perspective of people with cardiovascular disease, Harteraad makes an expert contribution to optimizing the care and quality of life of the individual. We do this based on insights gained from interviews, surveys, focus groups, signals and current events. Would you like to collaborate and make use of our expertise? This is possible in various ways. More info: Harteraad consultancy.

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